You need to complete Coineal's KYC certification to participate in CNV
Click here to log in to Coineal

How to make a Coineal account

After you log in website of Coineal, click the "Register" button on the right side of the menu bar.

Enter your email address in ①

As for ②,click the "Send verification code" button on the right and enter the 6-digit number that arrived in the specified email.

Enter the password used for Coineal in ③, and enter the same password as in ③ in ④.(Password contains 8 to 20 digits, including two or more letters, numbers, and symbols)

You do not have to enter anything in ⑤.

Click the check button in ⑥ and press the "Register" button.
[char no="2" char="Kapipara≫"]You will get a security error at the beginning, but if you can complete real name authentication, you can do it.[/char]

Real name authentication method

Real name authentication = KYC authentication.

Click the humanoid mark on the upper right of the HOME screen, and then click "Account".

Next, click the "Authentication" button of "Real name authentication" in the security settings.

① select your own country

Select passport for ②.

Enter the surname in ③ and the name in ④ in alphabets.

⭐️As for ⑤, if you have selected a driver's license, enter the driver's license number

select a passport, enter your passport number and press the "Next Step" button in ⑥.

Attach the photo of your passport to ①

⭐️Attach a photo of your passport to ②.

In ③,Attach passport and a memo with the following three points
(1)Date of application
(2)Name (same as passport name)
(3)memo written "Coineal"
Click the "Submit" button in ④

Please note that KYC certification often does not work due to the deficiency of ③.
A screen will appear stating that the application was successfully sent, and the application will be completed.

The result of the authentication will come in a few hours, so please check your emails one by one.

Next, set up Google authentication.

Google authentication