Now,,you are here.so, you know about "CNV" ,right?

"CNV" is the mining project which announced on September in Cryptocurrency exchange named Coineal  

Currently,The person who participate in CNV as MLA(Multi-level affiliate)is only Japanese and Korean 

and this project instantaneously expands worldwide at the end of 2020, which means you can participate in this project soon.

As Japanese, I got title named "Marquis"(CNV title) faster than anyone else in the CNV project and also works as a CNV'speaker all over Japan.  

Although CNV is attractive content just for invest,referral fee gains more by getting title 

In this article,I would like to write about CNV because I know the most about that.

As for CNV in Coineal

Firstly, Coineal is Cryptocurrency exchange founded in April 2018 in Hong Kong.

The number of users is 7.5million and transaction volume in a day is approximately 100 billion.This is a number not to be outdone by OKEx

(Coineal has won the number one trading volume in the world in the past.)

Coineal, which boasts of the top 20 trading volumes in the coin market cap, aims to launch a CNV project to increase the brand value of Coineal.

The main sales of the exchange are the user's transaction fees.

Coineal makes investor earn money by mining in this time and also it leads to Coineal because corneal’s user grows(actually,I'm currently using only Coineal)

In other words,  the object of Coineal is not gaining by mining,  but gets customer. This is the most important point 

What is Mining?

I would like to explain it to you about Mining in this article.

Mining has the meaning of "digging" as the word means, and it is also the same for cryptocurrencies.

The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is also increasing its circulation in the market by mining.

Bitcoin is attracted as preservation of asset, as it is called "digital gold".

Currently, Bitcoin has risen to price of $ 20,000 as of December 2020, but its first price in 2008 was 0.07 cents.

The price has risen about 30 million times in just 12 years, and why does Bitcoin continue to grow in value like this?

The secret is the mechanism of "mining" and "halving”

The total number of Bitcoins issued is determined by the program to be 21 million, and currently 18 million Bitcoins are in circulation.

All Bitcoins will be issued completely in 2140, and the number of issued Bitcoins will be halved once every four years (this is called the halving).

The halving is programmed to avoid currency inflation, which logically raises the price of Bitcoin by 100%.

The figure above is a transition table of  Bitcoin mining rewards.

In the initial mining of Bitcoin, it was able to mine 50 bitcoins every 10 minutes.

In other words, at the current Bitcoin price, the miner(investor) had a mining reward of 100 million yen for 10 minutes.

Miners who participated in early Bitcoin mining have made huge wealth, and also you can participate in early mining of CNV as well.

What is CNV?

CNV is an abbreviation for Coineal Value Coin, which is a unique currency issued by Coineal.

The most famous of its unique currency is Binance's BNB, which has risen 100 times in price in just a year since its listing in 2017.

You can participate in CNV immediately after listing, and the difference from BNB is the number of users at the start.

Although BNB’user was a few, it has priced 100 times when it listed. But,CNV in Coineal has already have 7.5 million users.

The important thing in raising the price of cryptocurrencies is to increase awareness.but,Coineal is already a well-known exchange in the industry, 

So,You can expect a price increase similar to or higher than BNB.

What are the benefits of an exchange creating its own currency?

Binance has a mechanism to reduce transaction fees by possessing BNB.

From the user's point of view, we  continue to use Binance, which has low transaction fees.

In short, it can be said that the service of the original currency is for retaining users.

And CNV price is currently $ 60 and is rising steadily.

I talk about the mechanism of price increase later in the article, but by joining CNV, which is currently rising at a pace of $ 1 every two days, at an early timing, you can build a lot of assets.

As for mining reward of CNV

Mining has the term named hash rate, which describes its processing power, and  hash rate is very important.

CNV is mined once every 30 minutes and the mining reward is distributed as a percentage of the total hash rate.

Currently, the total number of CNV you can get every 30 minutes is 750, so the mining reward per 30 minutes is (Total number of hash rates divided by Number of own hash rates) multiplied by  750 CNV

For example, if the total number of hash rates is 100,000 hashes and the number of own hash rates is 100 hashes, the mining reward every 30 minutes is

100 hash divided by 100,000 hash multiplied by 750 CNV = 0.75 CNV

There are 48 times 30 minutes a day, so the daily mining reward is 36 CNV.

The total number of CNVs issued is decided 21 million, and like Bitcoin, the total number of CNV issued is reduced every 30 minutes by a mechanism called the "decrease period".

Decrease period of CNV has STAGE1,STAGE2….etc  and STAGE1 has been issued CNV the most 

As for STAGE 2,it is scheduled for mid-2021, the number of issues will be 540.

3 years later, STAGE 7 starts, and have 108, which means that the mining speed is 7 times faster ... In other words, it will be 7 times easier to earn.

The value of CNV is increased by the mechanism of "decrease period" as well as the "halving" of Bitcoin.

⬛️There is no doubt that the price of CNV in three years later will be higher than now.

I think It is better to participate now that you can mine a lot of CNV that increase in value in the future.

As for the mechanism of price increase

There are two mechanisms which CNV’s price rises, the first of which is the mechanism called burn, which means Coineal burns and eliminates CNV on the market from the world

This burn will use funds mined and purchased at BTC and USDT.

Burn are done six times a year, and Coineal announces the timing of the burn.

For traders, burn means that the price goes up, so it is easy to increase the number of customer buying CNV.

Furthermore, the value of burned CNV will be raised.

(By the way, Binance's BNB has increased the price 100 times in a year with this burn mechanism)

 Burn of the CNV will start next year, but there is another mechanism for price increases.

There are two ways to purchase CNV mining: "BTC or USDT" or "CNV".

Mining period is 1000 days when purchasing with BTC / USDTWhen purchasing with CNV, the mining period is 1200 days.

In other words, it is better to participate in mining after purchasing CNV in the market, so it is a mechanism to increase the number of customer buying CNV.

This is why the price is rising steadily even though Burn has not been done yet.

☝overall flow

How to participate in CNV

There are 6 types of plans for CNV mining

$ 100 is calculated as 1 hash, in case of $ 300, it is 3 hashes and $ 600 is 6 hashes.In case of  the $ 12600 plan, it specially adds a hash rate of $ 1200, so it will be 138 hashes.

Here for mining simulation↓(To be soon...)

CNV summary

There are many cases that the operator of cryptocurrency investment is unclear and the purpose of attracting investors is unclear.

However, in the case of CNV, it is a project run by one of the world's leading exchanges called Coineal.

As the value of CNV increases, the number of Coineal users will increase, so there is no need to sell CNV that Coineal has bought back for investment profit.

(Coineal's fee is 0.15%, so 50 billion yen a year ... That's enough)

If you join CNV one year later than you join now, the assets of CNV you have will change significantly.

For investment in CNV, which has just begun to expand globally, there is also a referral fee through a mechanism called MLA (Multi Level Affiliate).

There are efficient self-affiliate methods, but a little secret is needed.

It is very important to get the title in order to earn a lot of referral rewards, and I can give you accurate advice because I was the fastest to get the title "Marquis" in the world.

Those who enter via me will be kindly supported, so please contact us from here with "CNV registration request".

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